What is Personal Line Insurance?

Personal lines insurance refers to the insurance that protects individuals and families (as opposed to an organization) against financial losses resulting from death, injury, ailment, natural disaster or property loss. This insurance line is ideal for people and families to reduce their overall liability for damages and unexpected expenses. Even though a personal line insurance will not cover every loss that you might face, it can significantly minimize the liability for damages arising from any unforeseen circumstance.

How Does Personal Line Insurance Work?

Personal lines insurance, like many insurance packages, needs the insured to pay a premium to Sondhi Insurance Agency, i.e., your insurance provider. In exchange, we legally commit to cover a variety of personal risks that may develop in the future. The level of coverage supplied is determined by the amount of premium paid, so the more premium you pay, the more coverage you receive. You can tailor your policy coverage and deductibles to achieve the best mix of coverage and premium costs. Your premium amount may also differ depending on where you live.

What Kind of Personal Line Insurance Do We Offer?

Auto Insurance

You may be a responsible driver, but it’s everyone else we’re worried about. Auto insurance is a contract between you and Sondhi Insurance Agency that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. In exchange for you paying a premium, we will pay any losses as outlined in your policy. The following would be covered in your policy: Liability Protection, Comprehensive Coverage, Uninsured/Underinsured, and Collision Protection.

Home Insurance

Home owners insurance, also known as home insurance, is a property insurance policy that provides coverage for a private residence. A homeowners policy normally protects against losses and damages to your own home, including furniture and other assets.

Condo Policy

Condo insurance is a type of protection that aids in guarding against damages and maintenance expenditures for a condominium unit. Insurance for condominiums offers coverage against theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and other risks.

Renters Insurance

Rent guarantee insurance is a type of insurance policy for landlords that cover the rent when it is not paid by tenants. Unlike insurance policies that cover rent that is missed out on because of external factors like fires, this insurance policy works when rent is not paid because the tenant stops paying.

Umbrella Insurance

Policies covering an automobile, a home or a watercraft are considered “primary” policies and are responsible for all covered losses up to the policy limits. A personal umbrella or excess liability policy will cover losses ONLY when the limits of “primary” policies are exhausted.

Landlord Policy, Dwelling, Fire Insurance

Dwelling fire insurance or landlord insurance is very similar to homeowner’s insurance but it is a different policy with greater coverage for those who use the property for rental income. If you need to insure a rental or investment property, a dwelling fire policy is a smart decision.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance helps you protect your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) investment. So if you travel across lakes, rivers, or ocean waters of the United States we can help keep your peace of mind afloat. The policy can provide coverage for: damage, fuel spill liability, liability to pay for damages and injuries you cause and wreckage removal.

Builders Risk & Construction Insurance

Builder's risk insurance, commonly referred to as construction insurance, is a special kind of real estate insurance that aids in protecting structures that are still being built. It is crucial to safeguarding construction projects. Although it is referred to as "builders risk" insurance, depending on the project, the homeowner who hired the builder may be financially responsible for that risk.

Vacant Home Insurance

A vacant home means not only that you’re not there but that your property isn’t there either. In other words, the home is empty. Vacant home insurance is a policy designed specifically for a home that will be empty for an extended period.

Mobile Home Insurance

When something unexpected happens—a fire or tornado, for instance—mobile home insurance can help cover the losses. It offers you coverage for the structure and the things you keep in it.

Motorcycle Insurance

From bodily injury and property damage to theft and emergency expenses, motorcycle insurance offers you protection from the unexpected. No matter the kind of motorcycle, we offer the protection experienced riders need to enjoy every moment on the road.