What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance is designed to protect professional service providers from claims of negligence or misconduct from their clients. Due to the possibility that their work might result in financial loss for their clients, experts who provide guidance frequently need professional liability insurance. If you work as a doctor, lawyer or a consultant, a PLI can safeguard you and your company. It's also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance.

How Does Professional Liability Insurance Work?

If you are accused of professional negligence, such as providing inaccurate advice or recommendations, violating a professional code of conduct, losing documents, or violating confidentially, professional liability insurance from Sondhi Insurance Agency will cover you against any such claims. Professional Liability Insurance will protect you from claims coming from:


Accountants E&O

Financial and accounting blunders like bad financial advice or faults in bookkeeping might result in litigation. Your firm could be severely disrupted by a lawsuit, so you should be ready for the implications. For accountants and other financial professionals, professional liability insurance can assist in defraying the costs of litigation that might otherwise jeopardize your company.

Computer Programmer E&O

Even the most accomplished software engineers are susceptible to risk. Whether you own your own firm or work as a freelance information technology specialist, it's critical to safeguard it against the hazards associated with your line of work. You can explicitly address these risks with the use of the following coverage types: property insurance, cyber risk insurance, and IT professional liability insurance.

Data Processing E&O

The Electronic Data Processing (EDP) form responds to the need to safeguard hardware, software, media, and other exposures particular to this equipment rather than insuring computers as pieces of office or factory equipment. Hacking (unauthorized computer system access), virus damage, media and power shortages are all covered.

Doctor/Physician E&O

Protect your medical practice from miscellaneous errors and omissions exposures. Doctor/Physician E&O offers coverage if you make a mistake during patient care. It can help mitigate the costs and uncertainty of patient lawsuits, damaged equipment, staff accidents, and data breaches.

Hairdresser & Beautician E&O

Professional beauticians and hairdressers assist people on a daily basis. To safeguard yourself and your source of income, you need hairdresser and beautician insurance. You run the danger of losing your hard-earned clients, future profits, and even your reputation if you don't get professional hairdresser insurance. Consider the scenario where a hairstylist accidentally gives a wrong haircut to a client on her wedding day. The woman files a lawsuit for mental distress. In order to defend against the case, the professional liability insurance will cover the legal bills and court expenses.

Property Manager E&O

You face the danger of doing financial damage to your clients when you manage assets or investments on their behalf, whether they be stocks or real estate. Any loss for your client can easily lead to a legal action against you. The purpose of property management errors and omissions insurance is to shield property managers from liabilities resulting from managing other people's property.